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After years of looking, we finally found our Homestead! We're working on rehabilitating a 20 acre property south of De Winton, getting it ready for all kinds of adventures!

Cultivating joy.  Sharing the results.

Raw unfiltered honey price update:

150g - $6                300g - $9

500g - $13                   1kg - $22

2.7kg - $48

At Farm Joy we've got pure raw honey from our own homestead and rural bee-yards in southern Alberta. Our goal is to remain ultra-local, with small batch, single-site extractions, giving you the chance to taste what the bees have been up to in each location.  You will know where your honey was made. 

We love good food (charcuterie anyone?) and hand-crafted products.  Over the years we've had our own infused honeys and syrups and have developed a couple of products using beeswax, including our house-made Board Balm for treating your kitchen wooden-ware.  We sometimes have small quantities of home made hot sauce.  We have big dreams and ideas .  Check out our other pages and photo gallery for a glimpse into what we are up to. Follow Lyndon on Instagram

We are pleased to have been spending some of our time in ranch country, near Cowley AB, with our friend Brenda at Anchor B Ranch.  Some of our happiest bees are there, working hard, and we look forward to more collaboration with Brenda in her beautiful spot along the Old Man river.  Join us on our Gallery page for a full serving of Southern Alberta beauty.

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