Farm Joy

Farm Joy is our work in progress.  We are glad you've found us.  We are Lyndon and Sharon.  We've been settling into our Farm Joy homestead just south of Calgary over the past year.  We still head down to the ranch quite often. Our Farm Joy adventure includes bees and honey, and lots of plans.  We love home grown food and have fun enjoying the fruits of our labour.  We have always had a boisterous (some might say unruly) garden and love growing heirloom tomatoes and hot peppers.  We hope to expand our garden space in the coming year to include lots of flowers and vegetables.  Lyndon has planted garlic for next year already.  Together with our senior rescue dog, Bella, we welcomed our junior rescue dog, Rufus, to Farm Joy this summer.  Having a big puppy (Rufus is nearly 90 lbs now!) definitely adds joy. We followed the example of Daisy (our friendly Pyrenees/retriever canine social convener) at the ranch, who joined the team there and has rejuvenated everyone who meets her. Dogs definitely cultivate joy! 

Why Joy?

The world needs more joy.  We've all been through a lot in the past few years!  Regaining joy can happen, with meaningful work, good food, taking time to enjoy what is around us, and being with those we love.

Oh, and also, joy can sometimes jump out andsurprise us.

This photo was taken from the south slope of Nose Hill Park in Calgary, looking south-west.